I am a photographer, artist and illustrator based in London. If you would like my collaboration in any of your interesting projects, do not hesitate in check my availability. I will be happy to travel anywhere in the world to help you.

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As photographer I had many professional experiences before (using film and my old Nikon F80), but since I got a digital camera my “feeling” started to turn weak and weaker, until almost disappear. I didn’t know why, but this Summer I had great things that made me recover this relationship. (1) My husband made me a surprise and offered me the great opportunity to do The Nursery workshop with one of my favourite photographers in the world – the Australian Tim Coulson. ( )  I was touched by his inspiring work and family. (2) The opportunity to start a collaboration with a new brand FOGG (about men’s accessories and the people behind and involved) as Artistic director and photographer. ( )

I am sharing now some of these pictures to celebrate this new start.

Since I´m living in a big city I think a lot about the simple things of life such as :

time to drink a cappuccino in a cozy place,

the smell of wet earth in the Summer (and this Summer in London was…),

putting out a new bar of soap on the basin,

having the house to myself

walking when is freezing but dressing a very warm jacket and gloves

drawing on the first page of a new sketchbook.